Palms Medical Group, Lake City West

Dr. Jeyko Garuz

Working with UF Hub has benefited my patients tremendously. They have improved my mental health skills so I can treat more patients more effectively and in a timely manner. The UF Hub has helped find my patients better resources for their mental health needs. We have definitely seen a major improvement in our population due to our partnership with UF Hub.

Dr. Garuz


Dr. Chris Okonkwo

The UF Hub has enhanced our ability to evaluate and manage common mental health conditions. It has increased our confidence and competence by inter-professional consults, skill building training & providing resources. This has improved access to quality behavioral health services for our patients within the medical home.

Dr. Okonkwo


Dr. Jessica L. Kozlowski, DNP, RN, CPNP-PC

I have appreciated the ability of the UF Psychiatry Hub team to be able to respond to the variety of mental health care needs of my complex patients in a manner which supports their limited access to care due to a variety of reasons. They have been able to assist me in diagnosis and management where these patients can continue to be treated in their medical home where they feel the most comfortable. I even had an emergent mental health situation where they all worked together to get my patient seen urgently without the child being delayed in care for any reason.

Jessica K


Dr. Danulka Vargas-Torres

Thank you to the amazing people at UF Child Psychiatry who care about the children, and what we do makes a difference in every day of their life and the children we work with. It has been a great opportunity to learn and collaborate together in this area of great need. I have been able to discuss and manage multiple patients with the guidance of Dr Pumariega and collaborate with fellow pediatricians in multiple training on behavioral health. I appreciate this program and their wonderful staff including Keisha who has been a lifesaver multiple times for my patients, and Kati, who has provided great support to my staff.

Dr. Vargas