Gainesville Hub Referrals & Forms

How to Submit a Referral for Consultation

External Providers

To request consult services through the Hub, please have the patient/family complete the Mental Health Background Form, PSC-17 screener, ROI & Consent, and include the most relevant clinical note indicative of the reason for referral.

If any additional screeners were administered please include them; the Hub may also request other screeners.

We also offer MyLink access. This portal provides real-time web access to patient information; physicians who practice at locations outside of UF Health can access patients’ clinical data. UF Health IT will provide an assigned username and password.  After receiving login information, please utilize REF929 when submitting an order for consultative services.

Internal/UF Providers

If you are referring within UF Health, please utilize REF929 in Epic when submitting an order for consultative services: UF Internal Provider Referral Packet

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