How to Participate or Enroll

Participating providers may utilize our teleconsultation services; however, enrolled providers register (through execution of Memoranda of Understanding) in our educational and technical assistance programs in addition to receiving consult services. The program comes at no cost to the providers or practices except the time investment in consultation, collaboration and training that will be provided by the Hub.

Our program provides the following:

  • supports primary care providers to deliver entry-level behavioral health services through telephonic consults with our Child & Adolescent Psychiatrists (Click here to listen to a sample of a DOC-DOC consult)
  • tele-video evaluations via Zoom platform performed by Child & Adolescent Psychiatrists or Psychology Post-Docs if/when the Hub and the provider deem it is appropriate to do so
  • case management support for referring children to necessary community-based services
  • Skill-Building educational sessions, some of which earn providers CME credits

 If you wish to be a participating or enrolled provider, please complete the Provider Data Sheet and submit. For any questions, please feel free to email the Hub at  or call 352-265-2252.