For Patients & Families

Welcome to the University of Florida Behavioral Health Hubs.  Your Primary Care Provider has referred your child/you to the Hub to seek psychiatric consultative services.


How our program works

You will be contacted by our Care Coordinator/Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) or Psychology Post Doc to obtain important information from you and your child. Once we have all of the information that our team needs, our behavioral health providers will make recommendations to your child’s Primary Care Provider.

Your child/you may also be asked to participate in a 1-hour telehealth session via Zoom. The Hub will reach out to you directly to schedule those sessions.

Our program is a FREE service

If you have health coverage/benefits for your child, we will bill your insurance; however, you will never receive a bill or be asked to pay a copay/coinsurance.  Please call us immediately if you do!

What our program requests of you

Upon referral, your child’s Primary Care Provider will ask your child/you to complete the Pediatric Symptom Checklist-17 (PSC-17). The Hub will ask you to complete it again 3 months after we receive your doctor’s referral. At the same time, you will be asked you to complete the Patient Satisfaction Surveys.